Our Happy Clients

‘Lyllon has become my favorite bath and skincare brand in Macau due to its high quality and range of products that it provides,and the ethical values that it stands for (100% cruelty free and palm oil free). This brand has everything that us ladies want (or need!): amazing smelling soaps, candles and body scrubs, long-lasting lip balms and deodorants, solid shampoos that leave your hair squeaky clean, and even laundry bars to quickly clean your clothes when you’re on the go! You can tell that Arai puts so much love and care into these homemade products, and for all these reasons I’ll always support Lyllon!
- Marta B

Love the Coffee Scrub. It’s my everyday go to scrub.
- Sonia D

There are so many good soap scents here but Spa Day is my absolute favorite! The patchouli perfectly balances the lemongrass and I cannot get enough of this one. It really brings a tranquil, soft, relaxing spa like scent that is calming and refreshing!
- Fabio S

Love love this body butter. I have gifted it to so many of my friends and family
- Emily N

I love ALL of the sugar scrubs, so this was no different. I love this scent. It is probably one of my favorites. My skin feels so soft after each use.
- Patricia V

I love the way it feels and the smell is amazing, not too strong, just enough. Leaves my hands feeling so smooth and moisturized.
- Diody T

Gostei imenso dos produtos que comprei da Lyllon, comprei dois batons de cieiro, um de lavanda e outro dementa, adorei o aroma relaxante. É super leve nos lábios e super hidratante. O desodorante é super gentil no corpo, e cheira muito bem! Comprei o body butter, tenho que dizer que é super hidratante e deixa também um brilho natural, deixa a pele super suave. Também comprei o body scrub, que como todos os outros produtos, é super hidratante. Estou super satisfeita com os produtos, como também o uso de ingredientes naturais e de certeza que irei comprar mais!
- Vanessa Chan

I’m amazed with your products. Each sent really brings back specific memories and it’s so soothing. The soap is super soft on the skin and it leaves it soft and moisturised enough not to feel it tickling when you dry yourself, and I have super sensitive skin
- Tess A

I usually purchase the unscented deodorants but decided to try the scented one. I was hesitant thinking it might be overpowering but the soft scent of Lemongrass worked great!
- Jason C

This is my favorite soap for myself and others! I have sensitive skin and allergies. This soap bypasses all that
- Michael O

The zinc oxide deodorant is AMAZING and has overnight results. Super hypoallergenic, smells amazing, and dries fast. Will never use another deodorant.
- Ana M

This soap smells so fresh that I just love using it and walking into my bathroom with this sweet scent!
- Sonia S

This deodorant was easy to apply and has a smooth finish but what I really love about it, is that not only it smells so good but also really blocks the odor from my underarm keeping me healthy and fresh througought the day. I live a pretty active lifestyle and it lasts throughout my nine hour workday, plus exercising after work. Also no visible yellow stains or white stains in my shirt!
- Andrew M

I love all of their candles but this one especially. I’ve bought it at least three times. It leaves the perfect amount of aroma: strong but not too strong. Some candles make me feel nauseous but this one never!!
- Monica S

I just recently tried this soap because I love all artisan soaps. This product smells great and leaves my skin very soft! Very satisfied!
- Nicole O

Lyllon Dog Soap is the only soap my pup loves on his paws and nose. He used to lick off anything else I used to put on him but now he doesn’t lick it off and looks forward to it every shower
- Lilly M

This smells wonderful!! I enjoy all the soaps I buy. I will never go back to liquid or store-bought soaps again. Once you try these soaps you are hooked for life.
- John B

Great soap with quailty ingredients. Non drying , smells wonderful and always leaves my skin soft.
- Lam Kan